What is World Voice Studio and how it works?
World Voice Studio is a leading provider of voice recordings and audio production professionals for various applications such as radio, television, dubbing, phone systems and more. We have a wide variety of services, many of which we offer in different languages.

Our job is to help you step by step in the process of creating a quality production to achieve the best possible results, from selecting the ideal voice for your project to including background music or integrating special effects. We'll deliver your production within 5-7 business days (standard) or 2-3 days if you opt for rush delivery (available at an additional price).

We accept credit and debit cards via PayPal.

How much does it cost?
Although there are some variables to determine the costs of voice recording, usually prices are calculated according to the number of words that are contained in the script, the environment in which it will be transmitted and the time that will be used.

Additional costs may apply for:

International voice talent.
Background music.
Special sound effects.
Translating the script.
Express delivery.

When will my production be complete?
Standard delivery is 5 to 7 business days. Rush delivery is 2 to 3 business days.

How do I retrieve my production?
Once your production is finished, you will receive an email with a link where you can access a private section of our website to download your production.

What file formats can you deliver my recording in?
We can output files in the following formats:


Can you record my script in different languages?
Indeed, we can give you a special price if you need to record the same script in more than one language.

Can you help me translate my script to another language?
Yes. We have a network of professional translators around the world. This way you can be sure that your script will be translated in a "localized" way.

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