With World Voice Studio, the process for creating a voice recording is now easier than ever. There are many variables for creating a voice recording according to your specific needs. We will help you step by step during the process so you can achieve the best possible results; From selecting the ideal voice for your project, to getting the background music you need or integrating a wide range of audio special effects.

We have a broad base of international professional voice talents, male and female, with a great variety of tones, accents and styles. You can choose one of the voices we have in our voice bank or ask for the voice or language features you need for your project.

If you already have a script, all you have to do is send it to request a quote. If needed, our creative copy-writing experts will help you write a script for your radio spot, television, on hold message for your telephone system, or any other message you need.

The voice professional of your choice will record your script, we´ll take care of post-production, mixing and mastering. Once you approve the final work, your audio will be delivered in the format you specify.

You can easily download your audio file to your computer and use it immediately.

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