World Voice Studio offers professional voice recording and production services. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Voiceover for radio and television. We have a broad base of international male and female professional voice talents with a great variety of tones, accents, styles and languages. You can choose one of the voices we have in our voice bank or ask for the kind of voice with the features you need for your project.

Dubb your movies, documentaries and corporate videos from any language into Spanish. We provide real voice acting that will have your project ready to be introduced in any Spanish speaking market.

Corporate or industrial narration is a basic form of voiceover for various applications for businesses, institutions and organizations to promote, educate and inform customers or users about their products, services or activities.

Audio books or "books on tape" are a great way to entertain an audience. The range of possibilities is so large and diverse as the major literary genres. Today many people tend to optimize their free time by listening to an audiobook.

Today is one of the most popular forms of communication through internet. Podcasting makes available to thousands of people the most relevant information about your company, business or profession. If your business is not in the podcasting business, it's likely you're missing a great opportunity to attract a greater number of followers loyal to your brand or product.
Inform your customers about your products, promotions and special offers while they are waiting on a call with On Hold Messages. You can Increase your sales in a simple and easy way. Most people prefer to listen to an informative message instead of music or silence and 16.2% of people who listen to on hold messages make a purchase based on the information presented to them.
Multimedia presentations can be seen on stage, transmitted, or played locally on a device using a media player. A multimedia presentation can be live or recorded. Transmissions can use both analog and digital technology. Online digital media can be downloaded or streamed. Multimedia streaming may be available live or on demand.

Give a new dimension to your project with the right music. We have an extensive library of royalty-free music tracks with various instruments, rhythms and styles produced flawlessly. Ideal for enhancing your sales presentation, training, motivational and more. We also produce original tracks and jingles.

Our professional and creative copywriting staff will help you develop a compelling marketing message that invites your audience to take immediate action. We can also translate your script to many languages.

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